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Yasuda Shokeido(Buddhist altars ,Buddhist articles)
Address :7-14-3 Ginza,Chuo-ku, Tokyo Phone :03 3542 5771
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Yasuda Shokeido was founded in 1792, and specializes in Buddhist altars and related articles. A Buddhist altar, which is shaped like a cabinet with a door, is a place where the spirits of oneís ancestors are enshrined and is found in every home.
Yasuda Shokeido is full of articles of great beauty crafted by Japanís top artisans, including those made from prized woods such as mulberry and Yakushima cedar. The shop also has a large collection of Buddhist altars featuring new and modern designs.
In addition to altars, Yasuda Shokeido carries a wide variety of carved wooden Buddha statues and other Japanese-made Buddhist articles, and many kinds of incense, including room incense.
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