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Kanda Yabu Soba(Japanese Soba Noodles)
Address :2-10 Kanda Awajicyo, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Phone :03 3251 0287
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Yabu Soba opened its doors for business in 1880.
"Soba", or buckwheat noodles, tempura and sushi, are three popular Japanese dishes that date back to the Edo Period. Soba noodles are a favorite anytime all over Japan, but are also traditionally enjoyed on certain special occasions such as New Years or when someone moves, and are said to bring good fortune.
Our soba noodles are served "seiro", style--that is, firm noodles made from ten parts buckwheat flour to one part wheat flour, which are then dipped in a tasty broth and enjoyed. We also offer Tendane--soba noodles in tsuyu soup with crispy deep-fried shrimp on the side--and Tempura soba--noodles in broth with deep-fried shrimp on top.

Partial price list:
Seiro soba 700 yen
Tendane 1,400 yen
Tempura soba 1,800 yen
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