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Shushikian Osakaya(Japanese confectionery)
Address :3-1-9 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Phone :03 3451 7465
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Our business was established toward the end of the 17th century and ownership has passed from father to son for 17 generations. Our founder was originally from Osaka, but moved to Edo (present day Tokyo) in the service of a noble and opened a shop in Nihonbashi. Eventually we moved to our present location in Mita in front of Keio University.
Several ancient texts note that the famous woman haiku poet, Shushiki, was born in our family, and so we have named our most famous confectionery after her--our "Shushiki monaka". A monaka consists of a sweet-flavored paste enclosed in a thin wafer shell, and Shushiki monaka was the first in Japan to come in three different flavors--chestnut, brown sugar and bean.
We also feature instant (just add hot water)"shiruko"--a sweet soup made with adzuki beans and served with mochi rice cake. Also try our other fine Japanese confectionery, a selection that changes with the seasons, and all of which can be given as attractive gifts, or enjoyed in the company of friends.

Shushiki monaka 160 yen
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