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Baikatei(Japanese confectionery)
Address :2-1-4 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Phone :03 3551 4660
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Baikatei opened its doors in 1850 in the Odenmacho district of Edo (modern day Tokyo), and soon gained a reputation with the introduction in 1853 of its “America Manju”—the first Japanese-style confectionery ever to be baked in a bread oven. Generation after generation, to this very day, Baikatei has continued to create new and original confectionery in tune with the times.

Sample price list:

Ume Monaka 158 yen
(Plum blossom shaped wafer-thin shells in three colors, each with a different sweet bean paste filling)
Dorayaki 210 yen
(Sweet adzuki bean paste in a pancake-like shell.Recently reintroduced, it has become one of our most popular items)
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