Toto norenkai
Awaya(ZoriÅ]sandals, getaÅ]wooden clogs)
Address :6-4-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Phone :03 3571 0722
Awaya was established in 1871 in Ginza, and since then has continued to offer top-quality Japanese-style footwear.
In the late 1920s we introduced our extremely popular "Gendai"zori made of cow leather over a cork core, which was the forerunner of modern leather zori.
Our list of satisfied customers is long, and the famous writer Junichiro Tanizaki even mentions Awaya in one of his novels.
As in the past, we have sold our handmade zori, which are true works of art, individually and meticulously sewn by seasoned craftsmen.
In addition, we stock over 300 different kinds of thong straps that customers may choose from to create their own personal zori or geta.

Sample prices:
Women’s hand sewn zori Starting at 20,000 yen~
Women's "Idol-geta" Starting at 8,500 yen~
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